Yan value and then promote 360N4S Xiaolong Tim Tim England gray color

[IT168 News] December 2, 360N4S Xiaolong version of the British gray color formally launched on the line, a new choice for the dark control. The 360N4S Xiaolong version has been officially released as early as October 26 this year, and with the 5000mAh large battery, 4GB + 64GB memory combination, Xiaolong 625 processor and metal fuselage and other flagship configuration during the first day of sales during the Jingdong double 11 period That is to become the price of 1000-1499 yuan sales champion. With the continuous increase in the attention of users, N4S Xiaolong Edition has once again introduced a new “British gray” color scheme after the streamer gold color scheme.

▲ 360N4S 骁 Long version British gray version

The 360N4S Snapdragon version, which belongs to the N series, is a 360N4S core change product. As its name implies, it uses the Snapdragon 625 processor. It is the first eight-core processor built by Qualcomm using 14nm process technology. It has the same process technology as the flagship Snapdragon 820 and is equipped with eight Cortex-A53 processing cores. Up to 2.0GHz, it can easily handle the needs of large-scale games and other various applications. Compared with the previous generation, it reduces power consumption by 35% while achieving both the increase in CPU performance and GPU performance, bringing high performance and low power consumption to the new model. With the 5000mAh large battery, it can meet the normal user's two or three days of battery life, and the power is long-lasting. The new 4GB+64GB memory solution is also rare in the same gear model. It can be seen that the 360 ​​mobile phone's pain point needs for the user, almost regardless of the cost of the edge, will experience the concept of the king fell into the product implementation. The newly released 360OS 2.0 system is also equipped with the 360N4S Snapdragon version. The harassment and interception system, private system, property system, encrypted communication, and avatars are all available. It is truly safe and convenient. This is also one of the few. The domestic OS system with its own brand features.

▲ 360N4S 骁 Long version British gray version

The 360N4S Xiaolong version started on November 2 and cut the sales price of the price file (1000-1499 yuan) on the same day, which helped the 360 ​​mobile phone sales to become the top three in the domestic market. With the continued sales of the 360N4S Biaolong version and its long-standing reputation, the 360 ​​mobile phone finally launched a dark gray color, named "British gray", in order to meet the needs of users of dark-colored mobile phones, and some people may like the bright local gold. Colors, and some people prefer the darkness and depth that dark colors bring. The N4S Snapdragon version of the British gray color, the back is still used more than 98% of the proportion of the metal design, CNC slotted and nano-injected antenna band seamless, with the front of the moist and delicate 2.5D arc glass, soft and soft, Yan Double the value of the hand feel.

▲ 360N4S 骁 Long version British gray version

On December 2nd, the 360N4S Xiaolong version of the British grey color scheme will start accepting appointments in the 360 ​​mall. It will also be held in Jingdong, No. 1 shop, Tmall and Suning will be scheduled to go online simultaneously. On December 6th, the new products will be in the above five categories. The platform was officially sold and the price was still close to the people, at only 1,299 yuan.

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