For yourself is the best micro-projection: BenQ BenQ i300J smart projector without screen TV

As a shy electronic enthusiast, it has been a long time to focus on micro-investment, nuts, rice, divine paintings, XXXX, the market is really big, long grass in the heart, helplessness of the wife and adults do not approve the budget (meaning there is television to hair Projection ah). In general, life can only be obedient and hard-working. On a night of high winds and dark nights, as usual, after finishing his homework, he took out his mobile phone to look at Zhang Aunt every day and suddenly watched BenQ's junior three, oh, it was I300J. Jingdong had activities, which had a 200-point drop from the previous price of 2799. After reading the hearts of itching, whispered and my wife brought up my thoughts. My wife and adults watched her Ouba drama with a tablet and replied: If you like it, just buy it! I am a psychic, Nima, I swallow a few months, and finally wait for this sentence. My heart is really a 10,000 mud horses in the Pentium! ! ! ! ! Based on the idea of ​​not giving his wife regrets, he immediately placed orders for Jingdong’s cell phone Jingdong, paid the payment, went to bed, and waited for the next day's receipt.

Jingdong's self-operated express speed really likes one, the next day is still sleeping, the courier has already knocked on the door, before 9 o'clock, 9 o'clock, 9 o'clock. The sign is good, and you can't wait to open the package. Oh, no, on a plastic bag, open and see, no protection, my little three-box is lying inside, this is not all scrapped ah, ah, is the internal protection so good? (Please ignore my slag photo technology, 6SP shoot out is this effect)

Since it's that simple, I'll just rough point out and get out of the box.

Kunshan Manufacturing, still a April 2016, okay, plus a package of 1.86KG, really light ah, no iron is light inside, look inside the package, but fortunately the machine is no problem.

Plastic remote control, 2.4G, this is still like one, more convenient than the infrared, built-in battery, USB charging. Very traditional key design, cross navigation key, menu, return, home key, see the bottom of a small rocket, and this is a close of a key to clean memory keys, Android memory is not enough or very practical. But why not set a volume key, practical and practical can only be adjusted inside the menu, this is not enough humane design ah. There is plastic, so do not know how long it can be used every day, but fortunately to install remote control software, it can be considered a compensation bar.

Great Wall Power, looked down, the power is broken is not a problem, the market is easy to adapt to, the price is not expensive.

A positive photo of Zhang Zhengzhe is on the front of the machine.

According to the reverse view, the machine has a large area of ​​cooling holes, the following two are feet, the upper circle can adjust the height, used to adjust the up and down angle. The metal hole is used to connect the brackets, support positive projection, rear projection, and suspended shooting. I bought it for Jingdong, and I got a retractable vertical adjustable angle stand for free. It's good to use.

To the front of the face, the left side is also a lot of cooling holes, the right is our lens, the lens cover is manually switch left and right.

This is BenQ's eagle lens, which consists of six optical glasses. With BenQ's TTCP heat dissipation technology, it is said that it can reduce the problem of virtual focus, keep the screen clear and lasting, practical and practical is also the case, daily practical and practical 4 hours did not find the virtual focus problem, it seems that there are still effective.

The third one uses the fixed focus, and the right one is the manual focus. The price is basically manual, so don't expect too much. It is also very easy to adjust. If you do not move after basic adjustment, you will not have to worry about focusing.

From the left are USB3.0 interface, HDMI interface, audio, microphone interface, usb2.0 interface, network interface and so on. With a usb3.0 is enough, because it is an Android system, you can directly play high-definition video, it is still very smooth, the system supports wired and wireless, supports 2.4G and 5G frequency band, with iQiyi and other video software to watch 1080 programs without card Dayton, for my NETGEAR R7000 5G wireless support is very good, separated by a wall, the signal is still full of grid, practical and practical, wireless is still very stable, no disconnection phenomenon.

BenQ designed the speakers behind the user's body, but I would like to ask, for the sake of bigger picture, I installed on the last wall. What is the speaker facing the wall? Fortunately, BenQ has 13 degrees. The sweet corner design so that I can't completely wall, but also emit a sound. However, in the actual viewing of the movie, a sound can be made. I request sound in general, but it is not a general 100-piece speaker. The effect is still there. The pursuit of sound quality needs external audio

To a family portrait, not many things, on the host, power supply, remote control, charging line (Android phone users do not miss this line), manuals, warranty books and so on.

The following is the actual experience of the beginning, you see the officers watching a lively, please ignore the effect of the photo, the actual effect is obviously better than I shot, to be good, to be good!

To Zhang about 6 o'clock in the afternoon outside the effect of cloudy maps, the following is my 32-inch TV, small three places placed about 3.2 meters from the wall, 2.4 meters can cast 80 inches, 3.6 meters is 120 inches, because it is fixed focus , so the size can only be achieved by distance. The system's own excellent friends desktop, this I will not Tucao, I believe the basic understanding of the use of boxes or smart TV, but there is a benefit is that BenQ intimate to provide a year of excellent Peng membership service, through its own VIP software Enter and then bind WeChat to receive, although it is a package year, but I still ignore, Andrews system, or install their own ah. Installing various applications directly in the software store is stress-free. Comes with a custom version of Cool Me K Song and transforms into a family KTV.

This is the NAX and router that my file manager found. My wife saw the series farewell flat and used projection.

System menu has a variety of settings, you can adjust the image mode, brightness (front brightness is 50/100), contrast, color temperature, sound (This is to Tucao, to adjust the sound can only adjust the menu, you can not get a physical button, But fortunately, the installation of cat fan and other players on the line, but some other video software will not work), the screen ratio (16:10, 16:9 and other five modes are optional), background color (optional background for other colors) , Support automatic or manual trapezoidal adjustment, LED mode selection, automatic shutdown settings, 3D settings (does not support 2D to 3D) and so on.

This is a close-up shot with obvious diamond-shaped pixels. However, my nearsightedness beyond 2 meters is invisible.

Take a few static pictures to see:

This is a 70/100 brightness and the picture is obviously white.

This is the 50/100 brightness, more suitable brightness, all the following are the standard 50/100 brightness, the image is the movie mode.

The above picture is my favorite World of Warcraft computer desktop (13 World of Warcraft enthusiasts, friends to see the same Warcraft movie ah), micro-cast vote to see the effect is not bad, the following is my computer display effect, the comparison is still The brightness is not enough.

The above picture is a live broadcast of the Chinese team against Kazakh on the evening of June 7th today. It is better to watch the ball than TV. It is just in time for the European Cup and the Americas Cup. I am a happy child.

The above is the effect of two lights on, obviously reduced brightness, but still acceptable range. Can a high-level guide to surprise Chinese fans? The path of the World Cup is tortuous. There was a saying "What do you like? It signifies what kind of person you are." From a spiritual perspective, this sentence explains why Chinese fans often have tears. With the repeated defeat of the national football team, being an upright Chinese fan, in addition to carrying too much bitterness, they have to endure the outside world's puzzlement and ridicule. Although the Chinese national team has never given the fans the power to install X in the World Cup, you can always feel the strongest stimulation and shock in the Chinese team's home field. At the end of the article, the Chinese team 0:1 Kazakh.

Oh, pull it away, or come back to our projection. The I300J and the stand state at work.

After introducing the actual experience, the following are the parameters, mobile phone shooting, please ignore it.

The operating system is Android 4.4 (software can be installed arbitrarily), the CPU uses a 4-core 1.2G, GPU is 450MP, RAM is 1G (1G is enough, basically smooth), built-in storage is 8G (do not know why My less than 5G), the resolution is 1280800 720P. The brightness is 400 lumens. Support active shutter 3D of DLP (actual 3D can't shoot, experience 3D screen-out effect in person), does not support 2D to 3D. Wireless support 2.4G and 5G, support Bluetooth output sound, contrast 5000:1, the best projection size 40-200 inch, color gamut 16.7M. Thanks to TTCP's cooling technology and numerous cooling holes, the amount of heat generated during the two-hour start-up is not significant, and the fan's noise is within controllable range. The life time of LED bulbs in normal mode is about 10,000 hours, and the economic mode is 20,000 hours. I think I used 10,000 hours to replace it.

Now my wife and grandfather use this to watch this TV series every night. They also appreciate my purchases. They also say that they didn't buy them earlier (I went, I didn’t say it earlier, but you don’t give the budget). To start another electronic product slightly. Written to the end is still a summary of the advantages and disadvantages, the above lengthy, like to directly enter the topic to see the bottom of the summary is also OK. Or according to my habit, I'll be good after bad first.


1. Sounds, sounds, sounds, anti-humans have to enter the menu to adjust. This is the most commonly used column first.

2. Streaming brightness is still dark for traditional projections. It is a short board, but brightness is not a problem when light is not strong (again that price factor). However, 400 lumens is enough for the niche.

3. No digital zoom is inconvenient and manual focusing is only possible. Only trapezoidal adjustment, no side-shooting

4 does not support AC3 audio, causing many MKV format video silent, but by installing a third-party player plus decoding package can be solved.

Let me talk about the advantages:

Android 4.4 comes with 1 year membership. Free to install software to make up for source problems. I installed the white manager to read the NAS files, and play the high-definition video with the MX player (with the decoding package AC3 installed). Another recommended cat Fan TV player, fool-style interface, connecting NAS speed, can play any format video. Online Live Recommended HDP or TV. Online video recommended TV cat video, Tai Jie video, betta live (see beauty anchor essential ah). Support mobile screen shooting function.

Small size 21,717,456mm, low power, low heat dissipation, low noise, enough for watching movies, Bluetooth speaker, bluetooth mouse.

Dual-band wifi, 5G faster, ah, a large number of interfaces, with USB3.0 interface, support for U disk read-only, you can directly play HD on the mobile hard disk, support shutter 3D. Need to purchase active 3D glasses, the screen effect is outstanding.

6 optical glass eagle lenses, no deformation, no defocus. LED bulbs, long life. The sharpness of 720P, the clarity of the film source is the fundamental of everything.

BenQ's old projection is fancy this brand, and the core technology is strong.

to sum up:

BenQ is a veteran brand. Although the price is higher than other brands, the brand is still trustworthy and the product quality is guaranteed. Although some places are not satisfied, but for the price of 2599, then the effect, I have been very satisfied. Of course, I am also the first time to buy such products, and others may have different ideas. However, his wife's approval is higher than everything else (flattering, good preparation for the future).

After finishing the work, look at the two small movies to go slightly, hope that you are still waiting and seeing as soon as possible to pick up, buy early to enjoy early, send a link, but now the price has come up, 2699, and want to wait for a lower price, please continue to check Aunt Zhang's latest offer.


The following analyzes the causes of ONU energy waste:
1. The interface is idle.
ONU generally includes multiple interfaces. Such as FE interface, GE interface, POTS interface, WIFI and IPlV interface, etc. In many cases, only part of the interface is used, and energy is consumed when the interface is idle.
2. Increased energy consumption caused by chip module design.
In the ONU design, the modules are usually divided by function and integrated on the same chip, controlled by an enable terminal. When power is supplied, the entire module needs to be powered, and the unnecessary functional blocks are also consuming energy.
3. Processing of OLT data.
Due to the broadcast transmission characteristics of the OLT, when the OLT sends broadcast information or sends information to a certain ONU, other ONUs that do not receive the information must also process it, resulting in a waste of resources.
4. Idle monitoring.
For TDM-PON, each ONU can only send upstream data in burst mode in a time slot authorized by the OLT, and the OLT forwards downstream data in the form of broadcast frames, which makes all ONUs always in operation. The ONU does not know when the user or the OLT will send data to itself. The receiving and sending modules always keep monitoring. When a certain ONU has no upstream or downstream data for a long time, the normal operating state will make it consume more energy.
5. Waiting time.
The structure of the PON system determines that the channel capacity should be shared between ONUs in the upstream direction. The PON system needs to adopt a certain arbitration mechanism to avoid conflicts. Each ONU is allocated a time slot, and frames received from users are buffered first. It can only be sent when it arrives.

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