The Moto 360 Sport in-depth experience hides the restless heart

If the watch is a symbol of taste, then the smart watch largely represents our belief in the reform and innovation of the tradition, and it is also our digital enthusiasts' tireless pursuit of technology. On the road of "smart watch", different people have come out of different paths.

For consumers, whether Moto 360 is the first or second generation, we can see Moto's exquisite range of children. Having embraced the Moto brand's long-standing love and trust in its outstanding design, I am also looking forward to this Moto 360 Sport. But this time, Moto has a "rebellious kid" - Moto 360 Sport. In the past, Moto 360 Sport has changed the atmosphere of the past and has a restless heart.

After a period of experience, I can clearly feel the difference with the second-generation Moto 360. I have to say that the Moto 360 Sport is a major change for Moto. Don't worry, everything about it, please listen carefully to me.

Without Moto's exquisite range of children, but full of sports

The Moto 360 Sport body is wrapped in an all-in-one-structured soft rubber material that does a good job of improving comfort. Both sides of the strap have a barrier-type opening so that the wrist can always be refreshed. The non-slip design of the only key in the 2-point direction of the main body of the watch makes it possible to accurately respond to each press. There is a microphone opening at the opposite 8 o'clock position of the button. Everything seems to be born for sports, right?

However, the appearance looks too ordinary.

Without the exquisite feel of the second-generation Moto 360, the appearance of the Moto 360 Sport gave me... not much. Maybe it is the overall sense of cheapness brought by the soft rubber material. When I first saw it, I thought it was pretty pretty. In particular, I also chose white, but after the start, I still felt some psychological gaps. Compared with the two older brothers, it is still inferior to the similarly high Samsung Gear S2.

Motorola's new generation Moto 360 Sport smart sports watch

It seems to be normal for a sports watch that is targeted at sportsmen, but even if it is an athlete, if you purchase the Moto 360 Sport, you will surely wear it every day. In the design of the appearance, I think Moto You can also consider more.

What do the tail think?

Know the sportsman who is “high in the sky”

Regardless of the appearance, the changes in the internal features of the Moto 360 Sport sound more gratifying. Compared to the second generation Moto 360, its main differences are:

AnyLight Hybrid Display

Play music independently

Built-in GPS and barometric altimeter

Optical Heart Rate Detector (PPG)

As the killer of the Moto 360 Sport, the AnyLight hybrid screen covering Corning's third-generation Gorilla Glass reflects natural light, making the screen clear and sharp, and coping with a lot of light movement is handy and stress-free.

What is the actual performance? In fact, when I first saw the screen of the Moto 360 Sport, I was a bit strange: how was this screen a bit gray? Take another look at the second-generation Moto 360 in the editorial department. This is even more obvious. Although the resolution is the same, it looks very cloudy on the Moto 360 Sport.

This is an indoor performance, so outdoor? After all, equipped with AnyLight hybrid display, in the sun, especially under strong light, should be more powerful. It is unfortunate that the recent weather is not raining. I can only use the light to simulate sunlight on the screen, or watch the Moto 360 Sport screen in the intermittent sunlight. Fortunately, in the Moto 360 Sport under sunlight and strong light, the screen performs very well, and the watch automatically recognizes the intensity of the light and switches the screen to a similar effect to the electronic ink, so that the screen performance is still clear.

During exercise, the electronic ink-like display helps to increase the visibility under strong light

To leave the mobile phone Moto 360 Sport, you can use the WearADay application to transfer music from your phone to a watch. When you exercise, throw your phone at home, put on a watch, and add a lightweight Bluetooth headset to get started. However, this feature is only suitable for use when not on the go, because if a Bluetooth headset is connected, Moto 360 Sport will no longer be able to connect to the phone and any notifications on the phone will not be sent to Moto 360 Sport.

WearADay application based music player interface

Of course, since Moto 360 Sport already has music, if you only stay at home, you can also use your home's Bluetooth speaker. Through the watch to connect Bluetooth speakers to listen to songs, compared to the mobile phone connection, I personally feel is more "smooth" some, after all, the watch is worn on the hand, and the phone, then, I was everywhere at home.

The built-in GPS and barometric altimeter make it possible for the Moto 360 Sport to know its current state of movement even if it is out of the mobile phone. This function can be realized in Moto 360 Sport through “Moto Body Movement”, that is, when running outdoors, the distance and speed of moving can be recorded more accurately by GPS satellite positioning.

During outdoor sports, you can see the top satellite is connected

It's hard for me to talk about this. In the winter, I try to run outdoors and feel the rare cold weather. Moto 360 Sport actually has a fast star search speed. The screen can also be constantly on during the run, allowing you to view the sport at any time. Status, such as running time, pace, distance, and heart rate.

Speaking of heart rate, naturally, this optical heart rate detector (PPG) cannot be lost. Continuous detection of heart rate is performed by this optical heart rate detector. Someone may mention that the second generation Moto 360 also has a heart rate detector. That's right, but that can't be "continuous detection" of the heart rate, and Moto 360 Sport is, that's the difference.

5V / 550mA wireless charger, charging speed is still slow

On the features of Moto 360 Sport itself, the addition of these features actually adds a lot of charm to it. However, as far as battery life is concerned, if heart rate detection and GPS positioning are continuously activated, it will have a significant impact on the long battery life. In everyday use, the life of the Moto 360 Sport and the second-generation Moto 360 is similar, but after the “sport mode” (ie, heart rate detection, GPS positioning, and constant screen is on) is activated, it is estimated that there are only a few remaining cruising ranges. Hours. Therefore, battery life, or the battery, is still the biggest factor that limits smart watches' ability to show off.

A more complete experience requires the help of a small partner

As Apple Watch's most powerful contender, Android Wear's application power is somewhat late, especially in the Chinese market, whether this is HUAWEI WATCH or Moto 360 series are the same.

QQ also only supports simple chat

In terms of extended functionality, the Chinese version of Moto 360 Sport leverages the Android Wear area of ​​the Lenovo Music Store and is also regarded as having many applications that are used on a daily basis, such as WeChat, QQ, Moto Body, and WearADay. Others such as Weibo, QQ Music, Netease News, US Mission, Baidu Maps, etc. are all in this section, but the icon of this application cannot be displayed on the watch.

Fortunately, these apps that have already supported Android Wear are starting to take off. For example, not long ago, WeChat closed beta has added functionality to the Android Wear watch: prompts and opens the red envelope feature. To be honest, the development and release of such a feature before the Spring Festival, despite the fact that there are still a lot of restrictions on use, has always been a big step, and it also allows me to look forward to a better performance of Android Wear in the future.

Of course, Moto's own Moto Body is also a must-have application. We can view the long-term exercise profile in the Moto Body, including heart rate, calorie consumption, and speed. We can also classify individual items for data viewing. When the goals we set are not completed, the Moto Body will also make appropriate prompts and Suggest. In addition, Moto Body also supports sharing data with applications such as Google Fit and Fitbit.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that Moto 360 Sport has also conducted in-depth cooperation with little sports. After downloading a little bit of exercise on the mobile phone, it can record many different sports, including tennis, golf, mountaineering, and me. Favorite badminton, riding, slow, and... mahjong? When I entered the curiosity spot, I discovered that it was originally determined by testing the heart rate to test the game. This kind of thing is just like playing.

Although cooperating with the little sports is a good bright spot, I feel a bit simpler after using it myself. Including golf, tennis, badminton, these sports need to wear the watch on the hands of the swing, and such movements as riding, climbing, etc., need to be opened by little movement on the mobile phone. The little mobile phone application itself is too simple. Simply put, there is still a lot of room for improvement!

Moto 360's "Metamorphosis" is still a bit far from being useful

Moto 360 Sport, as a derivative of the Moto 360 series, I personally feel that the "deformation" is not so satisfactory. Although there is indeed a taste for sports (whether it is appearance or function), but overall it is far from the real sports watch, the record of the exercise data is mainly running, the support of other sports is still too little, to put it plainly is : Think of sports too simplistic. However, the benefits are obvious. The Moto 360 Sport is suitable for more people who are only slightly sporty, as well as people who are already with a long face. Concerns about the continuing increase in people's health, exercise has become a healthy choice.

And Android Wear itself is still in a stage where “baby is in a quandary and baby is not talking”. The lack of application is irrelevant. Whether it is Google itself or a company like Moto, there is still a lot of work to be done. Seeing that Apple Watch may usher in the second generation this year, the Android Wear camp will have to work harder.

With the little surprises and disappointments of Moto 360 Sport, I am still looking forward to the next generation of Moto 360 Sport. Of course, we must first make "Sport" truly "practical."

Then the question came: If it were you, would you wear such a sporty smart watch to run?

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