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Come and lie to the gold coin again, give you a kindle out of the box, eh? Do you not want to see that you are not afraid of sending me a map of Minister Kumamoto? Fast, sit in rows and eat fruit. If you don't agree on a statement, you should look good, don't look seriously, and end up with more miserable!

Well, it's not like to get out of the box,

Classic Kraft Paper Bag

The same classic leather carton

Why is it wrong? Kindle's box?

No, there is no box. It is a machine directly.

Yes, nothing but bare metal, including data lines.

Operation tips.

Classic picture

Boot settings

Finally saw the progress bar. Why is it?

300PPI, upgraded resolution

Haha, I can read a book again. Hey, it's really not a nutritious sunbath, it really is a lie. (The majority of people who eat melons think so)

Well, tell us a tragic story.

One day a week ago, I was packing up and preparing for a business trip the next day. Of course, in addition to IPAD, mobile phones, Kindle is also essential.

Of course, in addition to ugliness, there is a bad signal on the high-speed rail, a happy start-up, import e-books, but found that you can only look at this beautiful wallpaper, oh, it is a brick.

See beans, see beans, how do you see beans? You can't afford to watch beans, ah, I live with you for so many years together, I have been the same as you teach you to raise you as a child, can not think of today's white hair to send black hair ah!

The key is how to do business? In desperation had to look at the phone. Hey, as if watching beans deep like the sea, mobile phone reading spicy eyes ah! Can not really read books, painful travel process.

After returning, read the post on the Internet first, and rescue the kindle. Many posts are given. The summary is that the key is divided into 20 seconds, 40 seconds, and 120 seconds of madness. Open press, 20.40 is fine, 120 seconds by hand pain. And eggs.

Had to resort to the final killer charge button flow, 20 seconds, 40 seconds, 120 seconds, how painful realization, and then eggs.

There is no way, the rivers and lakes are still not enough. Only report it.

Call No. 1 shop first, er, why is it No. 1 shop? Because last year the company issued 700 No.1 card Cantang welfare, and there was no way to self-operate in the No. 1 shop. (Think about how right the decision is now), customer service sister is very decisive for me to contact Amazon's customer service sister. Well, then came the memorable moments of eating melons, and how painful it was to realize.

Continue to merge eggs.

The sister estimated that she had not seen the death so thoroughly that she had to say let the siege lion brother solve it.

The next day the little brother contacted me, but fortunately he did not let me continue to press keys, or else I...

Or siege lion brother is more prone to abuse, he gave the replacement program, a good deficiencies, better than the keys do not know where to go, the little brother said, is the official turn machine, casually how to turn it, I just want to be a love The year of reading.

Then wait, the result is the next day the courier brother contacted me, I am happy to go downstairs, but found that he is to receive the machine, close the machine, receive the machine.

As soon as it's closed, it's all closed. Pleasantly went upstairs and sent a full set of box tickets.

Results I just went out in the afternoon, the courier brother came again and I continued

Well, the official turning machine is also an opportunity to read a book. After a long time no reading, my heart is broken. I started learning.

Well, the story ends here. Hey, I still want to watch it. I'm vomiting. Do you still look?

To sum up, the kindle is really a must-have item for travel at home. It is a bridge from the second youth to the literary youth. Okay, everyone is scattered, wash and sleep, and I am ready to sleep.

Originally wanted to say that it was so simple to cheat gold coins, but unfortunately Xiao Bian said that it was too good to write (gold coins are not easy to deceive), and I hope to continue to give everyone Amway, so I can climb up and continue.

Tell me how to choose kindle

Amazon’s official website has such a useful list, which is very helpful for everyone’s choices.

In fact, everyone is most concerned about spending money. Do not look at what size, color, those options are interference, you only need to care about whether or not the light can be, as for the upgraded resolution, 212 upgrade 300 is actually a better look at the data, for the basic look at the text only For most people, there is no difference. Of course, there must have been a cartoonist who jumped out and refuted me. You casually, anyway, I wouldn’t read cartoons in public by kindle. Otherwise, I would downgrade from literary youth to 2B youth. Therefore, I think that the most critical thing is that there is no backlight, and the other is not important. For the arguing between the party with light and the party without light, it is actually the contradiction between the bandits and upstarts, which is why? Money is wayward, and no money is accepted. The value of the rich is 655 days of the year and 65 days to use this feature. The idea of ​​a non-monetary person is to use this feature for 300 days a year for 365 days.

Although I also admit that most of my time is reading books with backlighting turned on, this does not prevent me from turning on the lights when reading books in various backlit poses.

For example, like this

And this

Of course, the no-light party will jump out and say that the backlit version of the light version can't be completely turned off. For the kindle thing, how much power do you think it will increase?

As for Voyage, can I say that its price/performance ratio is the lowest? There is more automatic dimming, so much more. Do you really think that I am rich?

As for Oasis, do they not love to learn? Give them a B-learning opportunity. Don't bother them and let them sit for a while.

Well, to sum up my nonsense, Kindle is the most classic electronic ink screen without backlight. In this era of electronic screens with backlight, it is not hot eyes. This is one of the reasons why I would rather not read books than to read on my cell phone. Therefore, Paperwhite is the most cost-effective, especially after the new entry-level version is listed, the price difference is reduced to 400 (think a lot, too?)

For those Sao people who are on the sidelines, I am very supportive, especially for those who are on a business trip or who will be on the way to work for a long time. It's okay if you don't have money to get a starter version, or just get a previous generation. At the time, I also thought that I would eat ash before I started. I actually bought it for a long time after I bought it, but I found several good books in the first few months. (Of course not Jin Ping Mei, Yu Puyuan Such as out of control, every day, boring when traveling is equivalent to a day to see the progress of a physical book. So kindle is just a carrier. The key is the content of the book.

Well, come here today, rest and rest.

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