Negative Surface Book was exposed using low-speed TLC SSD

Microsoft has just recently relentlessly downgraded OneDrive capacity, and today Surface Book's potholes have been exposed...

Surface Book is Microsoft's new flagship notebook this year. It uses a flat keyboard separate design, the price is as high as 1499 US dollars (about 9500 yuan), the version of the GT940M graphics card is starting from 1899 US dollars (about 12,000 yuan). Although the graphics performance is better than the 13-inch MacBook Pro, the price is indeed very noble.

Although domestic prices have not yet been announced, but foreign users get the production machine, the Surface Book on the negative news, many users reflect the new machine there are many bugs, while the cup is still behind ... ...

Recently the foreign website ifixit dismantled the machine and discovered that the Surface Book used the PM951 solid state drive provided by Samsung. The latter is based on Samsung's 19nm process. Although it supports the PCIe 3.0 x4 specification, it uses TLC flash memory with low cost and longevity. Using such SSDs on such expensive machines inevitably makes people feel a bit pitted.

Foreign users' measured data, left is 128G, right is 256G version

And sad reminder is that PM951 this SSD's performance is relatively rampant, especially the 128G and 256G version, the sequential write speed can not break 280MB/s, this performance also 4 years ago level...

The following are the performance parameters of the Samsung logo:

128GB: sequential reads and writes are 600MB/s and 150MB/s respectively; random reads and writes are 140K IOPS and 37K IOPS respectively;

256GB: sequential read and write are 1000MB/s and 280MB/s, random read and write are 250K IOPS and 74K IOPS respectively;

512GB: sequential read and write are 1050MB/s, write 560MB/s, random read and write are 250K IOPS and 144K IOPS respectively

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