How to effectively improve the heat dissipation performance of LED components

The modes of heat propagation include "heat conduction", "convection", and "heat radiation". The propagation of lattice vibration, the movement of free electrons in the metal belongs to "heat conduction", and the heat transfer of fluid movement belongs to "convection", which is transmitted by electromagnetic waves. Heat is "thermal radiation." The method developed by Nishimura Ceramics is to use the infrared radiation of ceramic materials for heat dissipation.

The heat radiation heat dissipation method has the advantage that heat can be released when the casing is sealed and thin, and heat cannot be transferred by convection. Some technicians have known this advantage for a long time, but there are very few precedents for full use. However, according to Nishimura Ceramics, LED lighting products that have recently used heat radiation have increased. Among them, a Japanese lighting appliance company applied it to various applications ranging from large-scale LED lighting fixtures such as light projectors to small lamps such as desk lamps.

By using heat radiation to dissipate heat, the heat dissipation efficiency of the emitter can be improved without using a cooling fan. The use of a cooling fan eliminates the risk of failure and, because it does not require multiple fins, it does not accumulate dust, eliminating the need for cleaning. In the manufacture of the desk lamp, the ultra-thin design of the outer casing near the light source is successfully realized by using heat radiation to dissipate heat.

Interestingly, whether it is a large-scale product or a small product, Nishimura Ceramics provides the same ceramic circuit board to lighting equipment companies. The ceramic circuit boards are all long 55mm & TImes; a horizontally long hexagon with a width of 30mm and a thickness of about 6mm, and the multi-chip LED module is fixed on the circuit board by screws. High-power LED modules with a maximum power of 19W. Large products use multiple screws to secure the LED module to the ceramic circuit board, and one for small products. The material of the ceramic circuit board is alumina with a purity of 99.7%, the thermal radiance is 0.97. The surface is smooth, the average roughness is 0.5 μm, and the LED module is directly fixed on the surface of the circuit board by screws.

Compared with metal circuit boards and printed circuit boards, ceramic circuit boards are hindered by high cost. However, if the mass production effect can be improved by the generalization of the ceramic circuit board, the increase in the cost can be suppressed to some extent. This requires an increase in mass production, but as of now, mass production has not yet begun, because companies are jealous of the high cost of ceramic circuit boards.

In response to this situation, Nishimura said that after using ceramic circuit boards, the total cost of heat sinks such as circuit boards and heat sinks for mounting LED modules can be reduced, and it is planned to use such heat dissipation costs as a selling point. The reason why the company is so confident is that the lighting equipment companies that use the company's products have chosen ceramic circuit boards without comparing the products using ceramic circuit boards and products with traditional heat dissipation design and considering the total cost. . Whether the idea of ​​compressing the total cost can be popularized, Xiaobian will pay close attention in the future. Perhaps, it is possible to predict the degree of popularity by whether the shape of the LED lighting fixture is increased.

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