Quality problems of imported original devices

The primary reason for product sales is the quality of the products. It is often said that product quality refers to the quality characteristics of products that are suitable for a certain purpose and can meet the needs of national construction and people's lives. These characteristics are generally summarized in five aspects: usability, life, reliability, safety and economy. The main technical basis for comprehensively measuring these quality characteristics of products is product standards. Therefore, quality issues are first and foremost standard issues. Without product standards, there is no qualified criterion. If left unchecked, the consequence is the proliferation of counterfeit and shoddy goods. There are product standards that are not strictly enforced, and product quality cannot be guaranteed. It is also very easy to cause accidents. For example, drugs and housing that are not produced according to the standards and construction will threaten people ’s lives or property.

Without high-level product standards, even if the products produced are all qualified, they are not necessarily of high quality, and even cause great waste to manpower, material resources, financial resources, especially many non-renewable resources. With high-level product standards, there must be a series of effective management standards, work standards, etc. to ensure that high-level product standards are strictly implemented. Therefore, the establishment of high-level product standards and strict implementation is a prerequisite for obtaining high-quality products.

Imported components must be screened before they can be installed and used, otherwise, they will be handled in violation of quality control regulations. Through the implementation of the above measures, the failure rate of the components used in our products has been significantly reduced, the reliability of the products has been improved, the maintenance work and the demand for spare parts during the use of the products have been reduced, and the internal and external troubleshooting costs have also been reduced, which has enhanced our products Market competitiveness.

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