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Mobile health and smart medical care are developing rapidly under the huge social demand. Looking forward to the development prospects of medical and health undertakings at home and abroad, informationization and intelligence have become the trend of the times. In China, the informationization of medical and health services has become an important aspect of the new round of medical system reform, and has played a positive role in promoting economic transformation. Wisdom medical treatment, using IoT technology in the medical field, using digital and visual modes, collecting vital signs and monitoring health, and sharing limited medical resources for more people, especially in disease prevention and personalized medicine. Smart healthcare will play an increasingly important role.

At the same time, the investment community's concern for the hospital remains high, private capital continues to enter, public hospitals deepen reform, opportunities and risks take the lead. In this Internet medical field, known as the last gold mine of mobile internet, it will use the powerful tool of the Internet to re-implement the patient-centered model, optimize the allocation and use of medical resources, and improve medical efficiency.

In this context, the “2016 China Smart Healthcare Innovation and Development Summit”, led by dozens of well-known academicians and heavyweight experts in the industry, will be held in Shanghai on October 11, 2016. In the same period, the “2016 China (Shanghai) Innovation Medical and Big Health Industry Procurement Matching Expo will be held”.

2016 China Smart Healthcare Health Innovation Development Summit

The summit will be gathered from the Health Planning Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Agricultural and Labour Party, and local medical and health management institutions, scientific research institutions, medical and health services and the Internet, big data, wearable devices, digital medical devices, investment and financing institutions and related information. Nearly a thousand leaders, experts, doctors and industry elites from the department will participate in the most authoritative and professional exchange and cooperation platform in the field of “smart medical health” in China.

2016 China Smart Healthcare Health Innovation Development Summit

The enthusiasm and massive entry of the capital market, the rise of medical e-commerce, the emergence of mobile medical applications, the latest layout of the medical industry, can make smart medical, wearable health ushered in its golden development period? These will be explained one by one at this summit. Invited experts and industry leaders from home and abroad will discuss with the wisdom medical and field elites. In the three chapters of "new medical reform", "new technology" and "new layout", through the collision of thinking, the wisdom medical treatment will be analyzed in a new era. Opportunities and developments in the big environment, explore the industry trends under the new normal of smart medical investment and development trends.

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2016 China Smart Healthcare Health Innovation Development Summit

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