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With the popularity of smart products, many manufacturers have poured into the field of smart bracelets that have become Blue Ocean. Before and after the author also used no less than five sports bracelets, functions are similar, have their own length. Although the variety of products allows users to expand the scope of choice, but there are also more choices of confusion, data monitoring is accurate, whether the life is very short, the connection is stable and so on. How to choose a heart rate exercise bracelet with basic functions such as incoming call reminder, SMS / WeChat display, sleep management, silent alarm clock, etc., we say - only choose the most appropriate.


High value heart rate exercise wristband

3ATM waterproof rating Now2 Features music CD in, and the other bracelet marked IP67 is not the same. It is estimated that many people will be confused about the difference in the level of waterproofing. It is usually known that IP67 is more, and how does a 3ATM appear ? The author and everyone briefly introduced: 3ATM can withstand 3 atmospheres of force, but does not mean that can dive 30 meters of water, it means that is suitable for daily use, can not be used for swimming or soaking in water ; can resist a small amount of handwashing Wash your face with splashes of water and rain.

IP refers to the ability of an interface to protect solid and liquid particles. The number " 6 " indicates that foreign matter and dust are prevented ; foreign matter and dust are completely prevented from intruding; the numeral " 7 " indicates that the short-term immersion, ambient temperature and pressure, when the shell Temporary soaking in 1M deep water will not cause harmful effects. The above information comes from the Internet. Some of the arguments are different. We say that 3ATM can withstand 30 meters of diving. I do not agree that only 10 ATMs or more can be used for swimming and snorkeling. If you don't believe it, you can try it yourself.

Product packaging is very simple, in addition to the bracelet, only the power cord and charging base. The charging base is fixed on the hand ring with a snap-in type, and is charged with metal contacts. There is also a Reset hole key at the bottom of the base ( forced restart ) .

Now2 uses a 0.91 inch capacitive touch screen with a screen resolution of 128 x 32 , a heart rate sensor at the bottom center, and four charging metal contacts below.

The main body of the bracelet is designed to be caught in the wristband through the middle groove design. The surface of the wristband is an oblique checkered pattern, which gives a more natural visual effect than other bracelets. From this point, the value is good. We often say that good horses are well equipped with saddles. The appearance of the main body of the bracelet is even more beautiful. There is no corresponding wristbands that will appear dissonant. The wristband is fixed by the metal buckle end through the fixed end of the ring and then snapped into the fixed end of the uniform small round hole, this design is more secure than those directly buckled.

Normally, you can remove the main body of the bracelet or directly fix it with the charging base.

Before getting the author to use music CD music Now2 heart mambo HR smart bracelet, both parameters below contrast, Now2 from the appearance point of view is more than the atmosphere more mambo HR.

Both are worn on the left hand, frontal appearance Now2 looks angular, mambo HR appears rounded; wristband Now2 looks more eye- catching than mambo HR ; wearing comfort Now2 is slightly better than mambo HR ; snap-fastening Now2 is stronger Even if it falls off, it will not fall easily and the mambo HR will fall off.

Functional intimate, monitoring data is relatively accurate, professional

Now2 's screen display is white, mambo HR is blue, but Now2 supports vertical screen display, more convenient to use, view, from this point of view, only music is very in-depth design from the user experience.

Smart Bracelet App 's account and data registration are similar, but the process interface Now2 gives a more tech-savvy , technical-man feel. To implement the notification and display functions of Now2 , you need to enable the permissions and keep the background resident of the app . Running the software for the first time will show the function introduction. You can learn more about it for the first time.

Since the bracelet is delivered to the user with a time interval, the first use will prompt the upgrade. Firmware version upgrade from V4.5 to V4.7 file before the 140KiB size to spend 30 minutes, this point had to Tucao, the upgrade speed is too slow!

The content design of the software is very professional. The data sharing PK and the points system of the leaderboards can greatly increase the user's degree of use and participation. I previously used the millet bracelet with very little connection to synchronize data.

Extracting the two days of exercise monitoring data for comparison, the measured number of moving steps is not much different, but there are many differences in the consumption of large cards, indicating that the two algorithms are different. However, the number of motion steps behind Now2 is much larger than that of the mambo HR . It is also worn on the left hand and is not removed individually, ensuring consistent wear time. In terms of data monitoring and analysis level of detail, Now2 is more professional than mambo HR : mambo HR only displays daily exercise steps and calorie consumption. Now2 can monitor and analyze detailed data such as walking and low exercise levels. Now2 can monitor 11 hours and 52 minutes, and can also monitor the 25 minutes that it takes to take a bath . From this point, the exercise data monitoring is accurate and sensitive.

From the sleep monitoring data, Now2 is also more professional than mambo HR : Although mambo HR can also monitor deep sleep, light sleep, and wake up time, Now2 can more intuitively display time periods of different states, but also can detect The weekend lunch break is 2 hours. The author's lunch break on workday was only about 30 minutes and Now2 was not monitored.

Now2 can display exercise and sleep data at different time periods of the week and month, allowing users to visually see whether the recent exercise quantity is up to standard and whether they have healthy sleep days. For example, the author is a daytime and nighttime type and the average sleep time is short.

At present, smart watches and smart wristbands ranging from thousand yuan to one hundred yuan adopt the photoelectric heart rate sensor for heart rate monitoring. The working principle is that the LED emits green light and projects onto the skin. The blood absorbs green light and emits red light. The sensor Scan red light to analyze blood flow to calculate heart rate data. By heart rate data, almost Now2 and mambo HR, Now2 will give signs and explanation of the lower heart rate data, allowing users to understand.

Functional and practical, long life

The other major features of Now2 are set in the "Device" section. In addition to the daily alarm clock, the three functions of message push, schedule reminder, and time- to-fail feature are not available in mambo HR : Message push supports many application softwares, users can add them by themselves; The schedule reminder can add time notes. The author used the punctuality alarm clock to do it; when he rests, he does not want to be harassed and can open the Do not disturb mode. This function is as close to the mobile phone. However, Now2 has a limited number of alarm clocks and only supports three alarm clocks. Although the basic requirements can be met, I still don't feel enough.

Now2 's incoming call reminder is not only the corresponding name and strange number of the caller ID address book. It cooperates with the Sogou number, supports the number sign, allows the user to classify the sign according to the number type, and can choose whether to intercept the phone number in the blacklist. Interception.

Now2 's basic settings provide more detailed options settings, such as timely information display, daytime screen highlighting mode, left and right hand wear switching, vertical screen display, local weather and other functions. Now2 also supports anti-lost features, such as when you do not know where to put the phone, in Now2 on the "long press to find the phone" page, follow the prompts to find the phone, the phone will ring at the same time vibrate, the phone will vibrate when the state will vibrate. Suitable for mobile phone anywhere in the app to put this bad memory function and users. After the wristband and mobile phone are disconnected from the Bluetooth connection, the wristband will receive a reminder to prompt the user to find the mobile phone in time. There is also a point to manufacturers like a bit: personal center in the upper right corner message notification will receive information from the manufacturers push, the local weather can be displayed a few days ago, and later can not be displayed, the manufacturer promptly sent a message to inform users that manufacturers have a strong Responsibility.

June 14 evening Now2 and mambo HR started with full power, are worn on the left hand, as of June 23 night, two bracelets prompted no electricity, it can be used normally, but the middle a few days Now2 display and use the information Incoming call reminder function, more power consumption, plus capacitive touch screen power consumption itself is larger than the non-touch OLED screen, so the overall life of Now2 is slightly better than mambo HR some. The official announcement of the 15 days of standby time between the two bracelets is only for the user's reference, Bluetooth connection, a number of features open and heavy use, there is no way to achieve 15 days of standby time.


After use

With rich application functions, longer battery life, more professional data monitoring and analysis, and convenient touch operation display screen, Wei Le Now2 is a 199 yuan intelligent heart rate bracelet which is a cost-effective product. 169 yuan music heart mambo HR , less than the only music less Now2 application information display, schedule reminder, one-way anti-lost, no time to disturb, call interception, touch operation and other practical functions, only music will be more Now2 more practical, more cost-effective.

In the last I have Tucao: 1, slow firmware upgrade, upgrade from V4.5 to V4.7, and then upgrade to V4.8 cumulative spent one hour; 2, the operation-screen display time is short, about 3 seconds The bell goes out on the screen, although it can save power, but some users are not accustomed to, it is best to add modify the screen blanking time on the app ; 3 , app can not see the remaining power, only on the bracelet can view the battery-like residual power, Not intuitive enough, it is not convenient for users to grasp the charging time;


HDI PCB Specification

High density interconnect (HDI) PCBs represent one of the fastest-growing segments of the printed circuit board market. Because of its higher circuitry density, the HDI PCB design is able to incorporate finer lines and spaces, smaller vias and capture pads, and higher connection pad densities. A high density PCB features blind and buried vias and often contains microvias that are .006 in diameter or even less.

HDI PCBs are characterized by high-density attributes including laser microvias, fine lines and high performance thin materials. This increased density enables more functions per unit area. Higher technology HDI PCBs have multiple layers of copper filled stacked microvias (Advanced HDI PCBs) which creates a structure that enables even more complex interconnections. These very complex structures provide the necessary routing solutions for today's large pin-count chips utilized in mobile devices and other high technology products.

The HDI PCBs we offer include the following highly requested characteristics:

Blind and/or buried vias
Through vias from surface to surface
20 µm circuit geometries
30 µm dielectric layers
50 µm laser vias
125 µm bump pitch processing


HDI PCB is used to reduce size and weight, as well as to enhance electrical performance of the device. HDI PCB is the best alternative to high layer-count and expensive standard laminate or sequentially laminated boards. HDI incorporate blind and buried vias that help to save PCB real estate by allowing features and lines to be designed above or below them without making a connection. Many of today's fine pitch BGA and flip-chip component footprints do not allow for running traces between the BGA pads. Blind and buried vias will only connect layers requiring connections in that area.

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