Performance analysis of silicon-based LED chips: Why can it win the first prize of national technology invention?

Crystal Energy Photovoltaic Silicon-based High Power LED Blue Chips Creatively use silicon instead of sapphire or silicon carbide as a substrate to fabricate gallium nitride-based LED devices, combining high-efficiency GaN epitaxial technology and silicon-based LED chip technology with independent intellectual property rights. The world's only commercial silicon-based high-power product.

The silicon substrate LED chip has the characteristics of high cost performance, directional light and high quality light output. In some subdivided high-end market, it has surpassed the international giants and occupied the market share first position. It has become the LED industry in China and the international big factory. The core advantage of Taiwan competition. Thanks to the complete independent intellectual property protection, the products can be sold to the international market and are not subject to international patents. It is a true "China Core".

  The parameters of the following two silicon-based LED chips confirm their performance.


Strong and durable
Aluminum alloy plug, TPE cover

Hidden design

One second stretch, free storage

Ultrasonic welding pressure
Close fitting, firm resistance to fall

Strong and durable
Priority TPE
It's hard to break even if you stretch multiple times

Stretching or shrinking only one end can easily to damage the components and cause jamming

No winding
Stretch when used, shrink when not used

Five lengths
Each pause is a length, suitable for multiple occasions

Both cables are stretched at the same time
Do not stretch unilaterally

Telescopic Data Cable

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