Taiwan University LED plant factory planted cantaloupe sweetness high yield up to 8 times the greenhouse

In Taiwan, the University of Changhua University has developed a plant factory to try to grow cantaloupe, tomato and other crops. The cantaloupe planted is juicy and sweet, and the yield is up to 8 times that of greenhouse cultivation.

The teacher and student of the Department of Molecular Biotechnology of Dahua University in Changhua, research and development of plant factories, with LED light source technology and environmental temperature control, try to plant all kinds of vegetables and fruits, the school announced the results of cultivation of cantaloupe today.

Wu Dongxing, the president of Daye University, said that the technology they have developed is about eight times the amount of cantaloupe planted in the greenhouse. In the future, it hopes to transfer technology to farmers, open up new agriculture, and the school also focuses on the characteristics of each crop. Research and development, while using LED as a light source, saves costs.

Cantaloupe after planting

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LED planting technology (pictures are not related to the network)

Yu Cong'an, an associate professor in the Department of Molecular Biotechnology at the University of Daegu, said that cantaloupe is traditionally cultivated in the open air or in the greenhouse. Although the technology is skillful, it will be affected by the weather. There is no way to produce it all year round. In addition, there are many diseases and insect pests of cantaloupe, and the quality is easy to be mixed. There are also pesticide residue problems, so they try to plant them in plant factories.

Yu Cong'an said that they use LED light source technology with environmental temperature control. The cantaloupe is not only completely free of pesticides. The average weight of each can reach more than 2 kg, the sugar content is above 16 degrees, and one plant can retain three fruits. After reaching 1 year, it can be harvested continuously for 5 periods.

Yu Cong'an said that the planting number of 1 ping can be used as an example. The cantaloupe planted in the greenhouse can only grow 3 plants, and each plant has 1 fruit, which can be harvested in 3 phases. Their plant factory is planted in a shelf type, and 5 plants per ping can be planted. Each plant has 3 fruits, which can be harvested in 5 phases. After 1 year, the amount of cantaloupe produced is more than 8 times that of the greenhouse.

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