Cool pull the wind this phone package allows you to change agents for a second

Tencent Digital (Liu Sha) In the era of big-screen mobile phones, you can no longer use the Nokia 3100 just to put it in your pocket and go out without worrying about the phone crashing.

Put your phone in your jeans pocket, you may be particularly drummed, even bent; in your hand, accidentally break the screen; Is it now the 1990s?

So you may need a bag, a cooler, and easier to use bag, such as Phonster X.

Is it a special agent or sheriff fan? The inspiration for Phonster X is obviously from the holster. Perhaps there is a special dream in the designer's mind, just like we wanted to be a soldier when we were young.

Phonster X is mainly composed of 1, 2 and 2.1 marked in the figure above, namely the strap, left and right bags, one can be used to install mobile phones, one can be placed in the wallet keys and other debris. Of course, it is also possible to further expand the structure by means of a belt and make it more secure.

If you still don't feel enough, you can add a "thigh holster" or "arm holster" to add a purse or mini wallet.

Phonster X's strap can be adjusted according to the user's body, basically suitable for all people, and whether you are wearing a T-shirt or shirt suit can be used in 3 seconds to easily pull out the phone.

Let's talk about the design of the Phonster X bag, which is also very detailed. For example, a special card pocket for mobile phones, with S, M, L, XL and universal five sizes, S is applicable to any 4 foot mobile phone, M is suitable for iPhone 6, Samsung S7 and other 4.6-5.2 feet models, L is for iPhone For 5.5-foot models such as the 6 Plus, the XL is any 5.5-foot cell phone with a sleeve, and Magnum fits within any 6-foot cell phone.

Obviously, many people don’t mind being “agents”, so the crowdfunding performance of Phonster X is very bright and the fund raised is more than 8 times the target.

As for the price, a bundled version of the suit is starting from US$29 (approximately RMB201) and is expected to begin shipping in February next year.

Source: kickstarter

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The Through-Wall Terminal Block adopts screw connection wire technology, the insulation material is PA66, and the connector adopts high-quality high conductivity metal material.Through wall type Terminal Blocks can be installed side by side on the panel with thickness of 1mm to 10 mm, which can automatically compensate and adjust the distance of panel thickness to form a terminal strip with any number of poles, and can be used to increase air gap and creepage distance. Without any tools, the through wall terminal block can be firmly installed in the rectangular reserved hole on the panel, which is extremely convenient for installation.

Through-wall terminal block, structure design feature is easy connection and high contact strengths. These connectors are available in all types of wires with the size from 0.5mm2to 95mm2, and designed in accordance with IEC60947,UL1059,UL486E and CSAC22.2No.158.

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