Flexible soft OLED light source module thickness does not exceed 0.2mm

Can "lights" only be projected from the ceiling? Have you ever thought that the shape and material of the lamp can be smoothly designed with the indoor equipment? In fact, the lights can be soft and even have different shapes. The "Flexible Soft OLED Light Source Module" developed by the Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan has brought unlimited imagination to the lighting.

Figure: Flexible soft OLED light source module

One of the keys to making OLED light sources bendable and soft is the multipurpose flexible electronic substrate (FlexUPTM). For example, in the case of making a cake dough, a layer of intermediate material “oil” is added between the cake and the baking sheet to make the cake skin easier to tear off. “FLexUPTM” is also similar to the cake. In the current panel production process, a layer of intermediate material “release layer” is added to the glass and plastic. The plastic substrate can be easily removed from the glass without laser. Destroying the interface between plastic and glass saves a lot of effort and cost.

Therefore, as long as the plastic material and the OLED material are fabricated on the glass carrier, the flexible OLED light source module can be obtained after being removed, and the thickness of the OLED light-emitting layer is only about a lot thinner than the conventional glass substrate panel. One percent of the hair, the total thickness of the overall module is not more than 0.2mm, and the electronic equipment is also made lighter and thinner, and has considerable safety. For example, the indicator light for the vehicle does not suffer like an impact. Glass broken splash. In addition, it has the characteristics of flexible and non-fragile, and can also set the flicker frequency and brightness, so that the lighting has more functions of adjustment and color change.

Moreover, the color of the soft OLED light source is closer to natural light than the general LED, and does not affect the human body. It is also suitable for use in museums and the like that need to avoid the possibility that the general light may damage the exhibit. At the same time, since the flexible OLED light source module is a whole piece of planar light source during production, unlike ordinary lamps, various light guiding dies are needed to improve the lighting effect, which is not only simpler in product planning and use, but also It can be designed according to the decoration needs of homes or shops, including curved or curved lamps and walls, and even round, triangular and other shapes to meet the needs of more elements and add space.

In addition to the use of illumination sources, the same manufacturing process and FlexUP technology can be used to fabricate flexible OLED display panels, and only the circuits and functions required for display are retained, while retaining the original technical advantages. Therefore, it can be used for mobile phones and wearable devices, or devices such as computers and TVs that need to display screens, which can make products lighter, thinner, and even easier to develop innovative products such as curved screens; for example, in smart bracelets. On the top, the soft OLED display panel can meet the needs of surface display.

Or it is the screen on the civil aircraft. If you use the soft OLED display panel, you can greatly reduce the aircraft load and reduce fuel consumption. Even with the flexible characteristics of the flexible substrate, it is possible to integrate two different devices, such as a mobile phone and a tablet computer. The screen can be reduced or stored by folding or curling, and the screen can be enlarged and enlarged when necessary to drive the display product. Breakthrough and innovation.

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