IDC: The robot market can reach 131.6 billion yuan by 2020

According to CNET, a technology website, robotics is a hot product at the just-concluded International Consumer Electronics Show. However, it is mainly aimed at consumers, such as Kuri, a company launched by Bosch, and smart home devices using Amazon's Alexa voice assistant technology. Market research firm IDC believes that consumer robots are not as important as commercial and industrial robots in the long run. It predicts that the market size including robots, drones, and robot-related services will reach RMB 131.6 billion in 2020. IDC: The robot market can reach 131.6 billion yuan by 2020 In a statement released by LG at CES on Tuesday, local IDC research manager John Santagate said: "Technological advancement, increased use, and increasing acceptance have jointly promoted the robot market. Growth. Technological innovation has spawned robots that can perform a variety of tasks, which helps push robots into more industries.”

Waterproof Slip Ring

Conductive Slip Ring is an essential part of many equipment in modern industrial development. It is used for the transmission of electricity or signals between two objects rotating relative to each other. Conductive slip ring is also known as collector ring, rotating joint, collector ring, Electric Slip Ring, reflux ring, adapter, etc. Slip ring by elastic material - brush, sliding contact surface material - conductive ring, centrifuge and inertial navigation equipment key components. In foreign countries, it has been used in cutting-edge military fields, and has been gradually transformed into civilian products. In recent years, standardization and mass production have been realized, and it is widely used in industrial automatic system control.

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