Innovation workshops are serious about artificial intelligence Kai-fu Lee explains three "bad" AI startups

Chinese investment agencies are actively deploying artificial intelligence tracks. Starting in 2016, Chinese capital's attention to cutting-edge technologies has reached an unprecedented culmination.

In October last year, the well-known investment fund Gaochun Capital and the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Automation jointly established the "Artificial Intelligence Industry Fund," and announced the first phase of raised funds to be 1 billion yuan. Shortly before this, we have invested in Face++, (Face++), and the Innovation Workshop of the Fourth Paradigm and Horizon Robotics to announce the successful fundraising of the second phase of the RMB and the third phase of the US dollar (over 45 in total). Billion yuan, see Titanium media report). Almost at the same time, Innovation Workshop also established its own Artificial Intelligence Engineering Institute (hereinafter referred to as AI Engineering Institute).

The AI ​​Engineering Institute of the Innovation Workshop was headed by Li Kaifu himself and the two top technology Taurus dug up as vice president.

创新工场对人工智能认真了 李开复详解AI创业的三个“不美好”

Left: 王嘉平 Right: 王咏 Gang

One was an engineer who had worked at Google and was involved in R&D on desktop search, Google Pinyin input method, product search, knowledge maps, and doodles. Wang Xigang, who called himself "Half the code of AlphaGo." The senior geek described by Li Kaifu is currently the vice president and vice president of technology of the AI ​​Research Institute.

Wang Jiaping, another vice president in charge of investment business, is a doctor of the Institute of Computing at the Chinese Academy of Sciences. He was a research fellow at the Microsoft Research Institute and has published research results for many years at ACM SIGGRAPH, the world's top computer graphics academic conference. He is also a veteran. Full stack engineer.

On the afternoon of January 10th, the team of AI Engineering Institute of Innovation Workshop made its official debut. At the same time, it published a white paper entitled “Investing in AI Ecology, Win-win and Smart Future” for several months. It shared plans for attracting talents, cultivating talents, investing, and incubation. .

Just as the titanium media reviewed in the technical feature “Artificial intelligence in the history of the past 60 years and will completely change humanity in the next 60 years”, the history of artificial intelligence has been more than 60 years, and every new research achievement has aroused a wave of turmoil. It is a flash in the pan. Since AlphaGo and "human-computer wars" once again set off an artificial intelligence boom, the exploration of artificial intelligence technology and its application from the research community to the industry has begun to become clear.

According to Kai-fu Lee, we have now entered the “golden age” of artificial intelligence. It is a very clear matter to bet on artificial intelligence from the perspective of investment. “With the intensive use of GPUs, we have been able to do deep learning more efficiently and very quickly. In addition to deep learning and artificial intelligence research methods such as enhanced learning, the academic community is exploring more possibilities. Existing GPUs And the huge amount of data should be enough for us in the VC community to eat for five years," said Li Kaifu.

The main mission of the Innovation Workshop to form the AI ​​Academy is to fill the gap between academic and scientific fields and industries. “For those scientists who are interested in entrepreneurship, we can help them find and break through the borders.” Wang Jiaping told Titanium media.

So what is the logic behind the innovation in the artificial intelligence track all in? The following is a dialogue between the journalists of titanium media and Dr. Li Kaifu:

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