Five big moves for the Medfiled processor platform

"Medfiled" low-power Intel® AtomTM processor - Z2460. The processor platform is Intel's 32nm SoC platform tailored for smartphone and tablet devices.

After a long period of gaining momentum, the chip giant finally took the shot in the mobile phone field! The Intel smartphone that turned out to be born, what is the martial arts that is based on mobile phones?

One trick: high performance advantage

With a large lead in process technology, Intel processors have always been known for their ability to exceed the computing power of their opponents. Intel's new mobile phone chip is surprising in many ways, but the biggest shock is still speed. According to the latest test results of Anandtech, the authoritative chip evaluation organization in the United States, the performance of the Atom Z2460 chip easily beats the current high-end smartphones on the market, including the Apple iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy Nexus. This result is surprising, knowing that the Z2460 chip uses only a single-core hyper-threaded processor. Despite this technology, Intel smartphones are already running faster than most mobile phones on the market.

Trick 2: Energy efficiency performance

For any mobile device, power consumption is an unavoidable challenge. In general, a smartphone requires at least a day of talk time and a longer standby time. This standard is considered to be basically working. For Intel, the Z2460 chip is equally competitive in terms of power consumption. 14 days of standby, 8 hours of 3G calls, 45 hours of continuous music playback, and 6 hours of continuous playback of HDMI video, this performance has exceeded most other smartphones in the market. For Intel, the performance of the Z2460 chip is undoubtedly a milestone because it ended the view that the x86 architecture could not solve the power problem and maintained strong performance. Through the release of the Z2460, Intel has at least demonstrated its ability to compete with competitors in mobile chip technology.

Trick 3: graphics processing

The power of graphics processing determines whether users can smoothly run various 3D games on mobile devices. Through LLBenchmark, the graphics processing capability of the Atom Z2460 is tested. The evaluation results show that the Z2460's 400MHz main frequency GPU has obvious advantages in the face of the current smartphone's 300MHz main frequency GPU. Compared to most products on the market today, Intel's smartphone graphics capabilities are highly competitive.

Trick 4: Security

The McAfee Mobile Security solution from McAfee is available in the Android app store. It includes face recognition for powerful authentication in applications that include personal or confidential information, such as e-mail, and provides Intel smartphone users with adequate security support when using the mobile Internet.

Trick 5: Extensive Android app support

At the Intel Technology Summit (IDF) in September 2011, Intel and Google announced a partnership to optimize the Android system for Intel's low-power Atom processor product line. Starting with Android 2.3 Gingerbread, every future version of Google will provide support for Intel x86 architecture. Currently, Intel has been involved in the Android Open Source Program (AOSP) and has access to the Android core source code. Extensive Android application support enables Intel technology-based smartphones to run most Android applications, even those written for other architectures.

There is no doubt that the Atom Z2460 is a good start. Starting from this, Intel finally has a very competitive mobile SoC that can be directly provided to the market and partners. In January, Lenovo announced the Lenovo K800 smartphone product based on this reference design. Next, let us focus on what surprises Intel will bring in the smartphone market in the next 12 months!

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