Flying LED Birds Lighting

Is there a heart that wants to fly? Like a bird, even the ceiling can't be blocked. The design lamp designed by Taiwanese designer Chen Hongming allows the birds to fly and instantly condense and combine with the light. In front of everyone, live and have the spirituality of light, will you fly away at any time?

Inspired by the designer's design at the Konstfack School of Design in Stockholm, Sweden, nature is closely intertwined with the city. Every day, as soon as you look up, you can see the birds flying freely in the sky, so he began to insist on recreating the birds. A flying attitude and better integrate it into your own design.

After repeated experiments using cardboard and other materials to make models and samples, the bird's styling lamps were successfully designed with a whole piece of metal foil. The built-in spherical LED bulbs were used to make the overall lamp structure with the simplest lines, so that the birds in memory could fly. Light and beautiful, this special illuminating impression is reproduced in front of everyone's eyes. The Bird Lighting is now one of the series of lighting products under the Hommin brand.

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