Hanging on the side of the car, Holograph realizes the virtualized body without network transmission.

The Microsoft HoloportaTIon holographic interactive system, which was just put into practice in March this year, uses multiple 3D cameras to capture objects from various angles to achieve the feeling of sharing a room with people in different spaces, demonstrating the use of the device for remote communication. The possibility.

Recently, Microsoft officially applied the system to the road, and it can be used normally when it is disconnected from WiFi and Ethernet.

In the video, Microsoft installed the HoloportaTIon system in a car. The tester sat in the car, and even if there is no strong signal from the fixed area network, the "virtual body" can be transmitted back through the 3D camera and 3D transmission function. Home, and family to achieve remote "face-to-face" communication.

To achieve this, Microsoft reduced the required bandwidth by 97% to 30-50Mbps. Although the current 4G network is still a little difficult to bring, but in the future 5G or even 6G network bandwidth conditions, I believe that the network speed will not become a technical obstacle to holographic transmission projection. By dramatically reducing bandwidth, Microsoft is also making every effort to make the technology faster for the mass market.


Microsoft also reminded users that in order to achieve "holographic transmission" on the road, at least two high-quality 3D cameras need to be installed. Thereby better capturing the real performance of the human body or things in real time. The more the number of cameras used, the better the simulation effect will be. On the way of driving, digital friends or relatives can be accompanied by the user, and the user can also participate in a teleconference "in person" while driving.

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