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Smart TV Live Broadcasting Software has millions of features, and on-demand live broadcast features are also available!

However, many times we don't know which software is best to use, which means we don't look at the live stream, and we have a variety of application versions, but most of them have poor resolution and fluency.

So share with you today

A visual artifact with the smoothest, richest content, the most stable and clear card.

It is the first in China to open overseas sports channels. Not only provide more than ten events such as the World Cup, NBA, Champions League, AFC Champions League, Premier League, Serie A, La Liga, Super League, AFC Champions League, FA Cup, England FA Cup and European Super Cup; it also covers tennis, football, feathers, baseball, etc. Sports items. If you are a sports enthusiast and want to experience the blood flow, blood boiling, adrenaline rush, and so on, join us!

It is "live emperor"!
The most important is the following features:
1. It is completely free, the video is super clear, and it is smooth even when the popular game is broadcast live.
2. Has an exclusive overseas channel live broadcast;
3. All channels are synchronously broadcasted;
4. Prerequisite software for Premier League, NBA live broadcasters and sports enthusiasts.

Champions League event.

NBA games

【download link】
Smart TV users can download multiple latest "live broadcasters" by installing a sofa butler on the sofa butler client.
Click to get the sofa butler installation package "" sofa butler installation package.apk

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